By working together, in partnership, we want to connect, support and enable our food community, helping to grow a thriving food sector and cultivate nourished neighbourhoods. Join us and bring good food to our communities and help everyone make better food choices.

Our Partnership continues to grow, but no matter how large we become we will never forget the values we are founded upon. They guide everything we do and are a vital part of every decision we make, every day. If you share these and believe in them as we do, then we would love you to become part of the community we are growing, one we know will impact positively on the lives of everyone across our city region. We are a Partnership based on:

Unity – We strive to connect and unite all our communities around a shared belief in the value of good food.

Stewardship – We care for, value and preserve spaces for growing, cooking and eating food, food knowledge and culture with honesty and integrity.

Resilience – We work diligently to create resilience across the food sector as well as remaining a dependable, sustainable Partnership ourselves.

Nourishment – We know that food nourishes the mind and soul as well as the body so we strive to be creative and original in all that we do to provide real nourishment to all those who work with us.

Commitment – We are fundamentally committed to creating a vibrant, socially just and inclusive food sector and maintaining the tenacity required to achieve this.

We want to help you make a difference to your community, business, group or organisation. Whether you want to source more sustainable food, set up a community growing space in your neighbourhood, help us fight food poverty or have a plan for a larger project you’ve always dreamed of then let us know – we can help.

We believe that one of the most important roles we have is about enablement – it’s more exciting than it sounds and simply means supporting our growing food community to deliver brilliant, worthwhile projects and activities. So that means you! Here’s just some of the ways we can help.

We can support you to find the money, materials, land or willing volunteers you need to help get your project off the ground.
Organisation and planning

Having someone to talk your ideas through with, help you plan and create some order out of what might seem like chaos can often be the first step to a successful project.

If we don’t know then we know someone that does! Tap into the knowledge of our Partnership members for advice and support on a range of food related issues.

For those times when you need just a few extra hands our Food Army are happy to come and help. Whether it’s digging or weeding, dropping leaflets round or raising awareness, in fact anything you need help with, they’re poised and ready to spring in to action.

We may already know someone who has done or is doing something similar to you who can help you avoid the usual mistakes and share your successes with you. It’s always more fun to share.

For inspiration take a look at some other projects people like you are running in our case studies section. We would love to help so just ask. We will be there to support you through all the times it goes wrong and to celebrate all the amazing things you achieve. Go on, you know you want to.

If you’re simply looking for some ideas that will help you make better food choices, we have also come up with some top tips in our Little Book of Sustainable You (coming soon) to help you save money and use food more sustainably. It’s also worth checking out our resources section with links to interesting, useful and hopefully inspiring information on all things foody.