I run Bournemouth Mindfulness, a not-for-profit company teaching stress reduction and management for those with stressful jobs or with depression and anxiety. I distribute the Fare Share food to vulnerable individuals in my community who can’t access fresh food very easily, for example a few are housebound.
Why did you decide to use Fare Share?

I’ve always been resistant to the idea of being dependent on big corporate supermarkets for my food, and I liked the idea of using food that was going to be wasted and giving it to people who can use it and appreciate it.
What were you expecting before Fare Share began?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a food tray. I didn’t really know what kind of food I’d get or how much food there would be.
What is the food like? Is it different to your food previously?

It was a lot more food then I expected, but I really look forward to it each week! It’s a big quantity, but excess food goes to a food bank in Charminster who really appreciate it.
Has the food met your expectations? Has it been appropriate to your project? How did you manage?

There was a lot more food then I expected! At first, I was only receiving ambient food like sauces and cereals. This was ok, because I could give excess to a food-bank, but once I upgraded to receive chilled food as well I found I really loved the variety. Fare Share really helped out, and you really get used to managing it.

Do you feel your members have benefitted from the new food?

Oh absolutely! For some people getting a good stock of food is amazing for them, they’re so appreciative and grateful.
Have you saved any money? Is it good value and what do you think you have saved?

Its amazing value! You get so much good quality food.
Did you have trouble organising around Fare Share’s food deliveries?

No none at all.
Have you had any issues?

None, no leaks or bad food or anything.
How have you found the Fare Share team?

The team are lovely. The guys making the deliveries are really friendly and the office team are so helpful. They were really responsive when I needed them and got everything sorted quickly.
Any unexpected benefits?

You see food you would normally come across.
Overall how satisfied are you with Fare Share?

Would you recommend Fare Share to other community groups?

Are you going to continue to use Fare Share in the future?