We are a growing group of businesses, public and voluntary sector organisations, community groups and local people who believe food can act as a catalyst for creating vibrant, healthy inclusive communities where everyone is nourished.

We are working together to bring change to our communities and shape the future of food in our towns. It’s not an easy task and things won’t be fixed in a day, but the more of us that work together the more we can achieve. We want more people to be able to access healthy food, more of us growing and cooking, more businesses sourcing locally and sustainably – a healthier food city. Don’t think that others will step up, you are the one who can change your community, your business – and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Join us.
Joining as a Business, organisation or community group
Vicky from Food For A Change

We know that there are already amazing things going on in businesses, organisations and community groups in our towns. Local and sustainable sourcing, positive food waste management, working with communities and raising awareness of good food. We want to work with you to promote what you’re doing, engage you in our wider Partnership and help you make the most of our Food City work.

Join the Partnership and let us award you for the good food work you’re doing. Download our Partnership Pack for more information, contact us to discuss which award is best for you and work with us to start promoting everything you do.