Causes of Hypothyroidism and the Best Hypothyroidism Treatments

There are several causes of Hypothyroidism, each having different treatment options


You will need to talk with your doctor before you go ahead with any medical procedure or medication, especially if you are pregnant. The most commonly identified cause of Hypothyroidism is an auto-immune disorder.


Auto-immune disorders occur when the body is under attack by an outside source. In this case the immune system begins to attack the thyroid. It then creates antibodies against its own thyroid gland which causes a blockage in its production. Another common cause can be medication for an overactive thyroid. This could include surgery or radioactive iodine treatment. These all are generally treated by a physician.


The less obvious causes of hypothyroidism are a number of factors that can affect a person's ability to produce hormones. For example, fluid buildup in the neck, jaw, arms, and legs can cause hormone deficiency. Obesity, smoking, and a diet high in processed foods can also lead to a lack of hormones in the body. Each of these situations can affect hormone production.


A person with hypothyroidism usually has a slow metabolism. Because they cannot properly metabolize the calories they consume, their body tends to store them as fat. This can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, and other heart conditions. One of the most common treatments for hypothyroidism is hormone replacement therapy. This is usually due to the intake of synthetic hormones, prescribed by a doctor or manufactured on the market.


Natural hormone replacement therapy is gaining popularity because it is easier on the body than synthetic and helps to better regulate hormones. It also has fewer side effects and has no risk of harmful side effects. Natural supplements usually consist of soy and wheat proteins, calcium and magnesium, which help regulate hormone levels.


There are also medicinal herbs to treat hypothyroidism. There are many herbs and minerals that are very effective in balancing hormones and are often used over the counter. Several of these herbs have been shown to reduce inflammation and speed up metabolism. In some cases, supplementation has been shown to prevent recurrence of hypothyroidism after surgery or radiation therapy.


As you can see, there are many causes of hypothyroidism. The only way to determine the cause of hypothyroidism is to discuss it with your doctor. If your thyroid doctor suspects it may be one of the conditions listed above, he or she will prescribe treatment.


Remember to exercise, eat a well balanced diet, get plenty of rest, have a good balance of restful sleep, drink lots of fluids and have good health and exercise. These simple tips can be effective in helping you recover from Hypothyroidism.


Hypothyroidism can occur due to any condition that causes low thyroid activity. A person with Hypothyroidism usually has an underactive Thyroid gland. It can also be caused by exposure to toxins that cause the immune system to not produce enough hormones.


There are many different types of Hypothyroidism medication available. There are prescriptions medications that you can buy over the counter and there are dietary supplements that you can take daily. Both of these forms can be helpful in treating your Hypothyroidism.


Prescription medications can be costly and can have many side effects. Natural supplements can be cheaper and cause fewer side effects, but they can cause side effects if taken improperly.


Natural supplements are usually free of side effects, cost little to no money and require little effort to use. They are much more effective than prescription drugs and provide a much lower chance of negative side effects.

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Why did you decide to use Fare Share?

I’ve always been resistant to the idea of being dependent on big corporate supermarkets for my food, and I liked the idea of using food that was going to be wasted and giving it to people who can use it and appreciate it.
What were you expecting before Fare Share began?

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a food tray. I didn’t really know what kind of food I’d get or how much food there would be.
What is the food like? Is it different to your food previously?

It was a lot more food then I expected, but I really look forward to it each week! It’s a big quantity, but excess food goes to a food bank in Charminster who really appreciate it.
Has the food met your expectations? Has it been appropriate to your project? How did you manage?

There was a lot more food then I expected! At first, I was only receiving ambient food like sauces and cereals. This was ok, because I could give excess to a food-bank, but once I upgraded to receive chilled food as well I found I really loved the variety. Fare Share really helped out, and you really get used to managing it.

Do you feel your members have benefitted from the new food?

Oh absolutely! For some people getting a good stock of food is amazing for them, they’re so appreciative and grateful.
Have you saved any money? Is it good value and what do you think you have saved?

Its amazing value! You get so much good quality food.
Did you have trouble organising around Fare Share’s food deliveries?

No none at all.
Have you had any issues?

None, no leaks or bad food or anything.
How have you found the Fare Share team?

The team are lovely. The guys making the deliveries are really friendly and the office team are so helpful. They were really responsive when I needed them and got everything sorted quickly.
Any unexpected benefits?

You see food you would normally come across.
Overall how satisfied are you with Fare Share?

Would you recommend Fare Share to other community groups?

Are you going to continue to use Fare Share in the future?


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