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We are a growing group of local people, public and voluntary sector organisations, community groups and businesses who are working together to grow a flourishing city region where good food and better food choices lie at the heart of every community.

We are working together to bring change to our communities and shape the future of food in our towns. It's not an easy task and things won't be fixed in a day, but the more of us that work together the more we can achieve. We want more people to be able to access healthy food, more of us growing and cooking, more understanding of food, culture and well being, and less food wasted - a healthier food city. Don't think that others will step up, you are the one who can change your community - and we're here to help you every step of the way. Join us.

Joining as a Business, organisation or community group

Vicky from Food For A Change

We know that there are already amazing things going on in organisations, community groups and businesses in our towns. Local and sustainable sourcing, positive food waste management, working with communities and raising awareness of good food. We want to work with you to raise awareness about what you're doing, engage you in our wider Partnership and help you make the most of our Food City work.

Join the Partnership and let us award you for the good food work you're doing. Download our Partnership Pack for more information, contact us to discuss which award is best for you and work with us to start promoting everything you do.

Working with the Partnership has helped us support more local producers and talk proudly with new customers about what we are doing, as well as helping us to become part of the community our business is based in.

Olivia, Greenhouse Hotel, Bournemouth

Joining as an individual

We know that the best people to bring about positive change in any community are the people that live there. That means you. You don't need to take on the world, maybe just start with yourself, your neighbours and then perhaps your street. Whatever change it is you want to make, we are here to support you.

If you simply want to get involved we have lots of projects that are looking for one off and regular help, they would love to have you whatever your skills are. We can match you with the right project near you and help you to work with them if you need us to.

By joining us you will not only receive the support you need to make a good food change, you'll also find out more about sustainable food, discover all the local events and activities going on near you and hear about opportunities to get involved in your community.

Be inspired by Ron Finley and get guerrilla gardening.

So join us. Make a change. Simply fill in your details below or contact us directly. We’ll then send you a Food Army recruitment card so people know you’re a member, work with you to help make the changes you want to make, and keep you up to date with news, events, volunteering opportunities, offers and other foodie things going on in your area. We promise not to bother you every day and that we won’t ever share your details with anyone else. We need you. Join us and help bring good food to Bournemouth and Poole.

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