We are a partnership of local people, businesses, community groups and public sector organisations who have come together to grow a flourishing city region where sustainable, nutritious food lies at the heart of every community.

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We are a growing group of businesses, public and voluntary sector organisations, community groups and local people who believe food can act as a catalyst for creating vibrant, healthy inclusive communities where everyone is nourished.

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We will ensure that all new fish purchased are checked against the Marine Stewardship Council Red List and will not purchase fish listed on the ‘fish to avoid’ list. 

Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital, Mr. A. Whittingham www.rbch.nhs.uk Affected: 670,000 fish meals a year
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Our Campaign – Sustainable Fish City

We are campaigning to make Bournemouth and Poole the first Sustainable Fish City in the country. Global fish stocks are so depleted they could run out within the next 40 years so we think it’s time we made a stand. We are asking our schools, Council run facilities, hospitals, Universities and colleges, employers with staff canteens and local businesses to pledge to only use fish from sustainable sources. 

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