Arbor at the Green House Hotel

Arbor is a 2 rosette restaurant located in the Green House Hotel on East Cliff. Both the hotel and restaurant have sustainability at the heart of what they do and have been recognised as one of the top ‘eco hotels’ in the world.

Arbor continues to win numerous awards, not only for the quality of its food but also for the sustainability of their ever changing seasonal menu. The restaurant focuses on providing honest, uncomplicated but imaginative food with a huge emphasis on local sourcing. The relaxed atmosphere and keenly priced menu makes the restaurant a great place to eat, while knowing they’ve taken the headache out of making sustainable food choices. Arbor is one of the few restaurants in the UK to have been awarded the highest 3 star accolade from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.


Arbor have been involved with the Sustainable Food City Partnership from the beginning, and in fact one of our first ever workshop events was held there. They are a founding member of and regularly participate in our Restaurant Hops, made the first ever pledge to our Sustainable Fish City campaign, as well as being generally all round amazing with their food sourcing policy. They also very kindly sponsor our Partnership and help us do all the things we do.

  • Sourcing local products

    Wherever possible their products are sourced locally. They come from a variety of different local producers and details of each can be found on their menu. The staff are also more than happy to answer any questions about the local food they offer.

  • Sourcing sustainably

    Not all products a restaurant needs can be sourced locally, particularly the after dinner coffee. When they can’t find what they need from a local supplier, they ensure that they use Fairtrade products and ingredients as well as committing to our Sustainable Fish City campaign and only serving sustainably sourced fish.

  • Managing waste & recycling

    As the menu changes to match the seasons and the availability of local produce, they only order in small quantities which minimises waste in the kitchen. The dishes provided are designed to be the perfect amount for an enjoyable meal which minimises any leftovers coming back to the kitchen. Anything left is added to unavoidable waste, like peelings and is composted. The kitchen also has fat traps fitted to protect water quality, recycling bins and diners are encouraged to take home a doggie bag.

  • Working with communities

    Arbor is one of our founding commercial sponsors, encouraging and supporting the Sustainable Food City Partnership to deliver all our work. Their help enables us to work with food poverty groups, support community growing, develop food skills, make better use of food surpluses and build the sustainable food offer across Bournemouth and Poole.

  • Communication

    The restaurant has become a popular and regular host venue for our Restaurant Hops. Make sure you also look out for the special offers they provide Partnership members throughout the year.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, particularly in our sourcing and waste management policies. All our food is either locally or sustainably sourced so we can be confident that our customers get the best quality and greatest flavours with as little an impact on the environment as possible. We are proud to be a founding sponsor of the Sustainable Food City Partnership and believe that by working together we can create real change in Bournemouth and Poole.

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Arbor at the Green House Hotel

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