Core projects
Year 3: The School Garden

Alongside all our other work we also deliver an annual campaign. This is a particular focus for us each year and involves a challenge in our city region which we feel deserves our particular attention. Each year our campaign will seek to raise awareness of the issue, challenge businesses, organisations and individuals to take action, and work together as a city region to make a stand against injustices in the current food system. 

Year 3: The School Garden

We'd like to welcome you to our School Garden. Based in Lytchett Minster we look after a couple of acres of growing space producing fresh, local, seasonal fruit and veg. The garden is an amazing space and we feel honoured to be the custodians of it now and into the future.

Not only do we grow food here we also work to grow well-being and resilience, skills and community. Everyone is involved and everyone is welcome! 

Growing is a great way of improving well-being. Our connection with the soil, our natural need to nurture and the joy of eating what you've grown - being reconnected to the environment, has many benefits. Reducing stress, improving mindfulness and just making us all feel better. We open the garden on an informal basis to anyone who feels they would benefit from being in the space, and you can always help with some gardening while you're here. 

We also have formal programmes to manage stress and build resilience open to employers, self referrals and schools - anywhere that has a duty of care for the well-being of others that wants to really make a difference. Contact us for more details.

We love to spread the love of gardening. Not only because we know that improves people's well-being but also because we care about food security and so more than anything we love people growing their own. We manage our garden without any chemical pesticides or fertilisers and so despite not being registered organic we run one off and year long organic gardening courses with the lovely Sara who knows more about gardening than you can shake a pea plant at! For upcoming dates check out our events section.

We do love having people here, sharing the space and being together. We run open volunteer sessions on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2pm, so please do come and join us. We also build community by using the profits we make from the sales of our produce to support the work we do around combating food poverty. So by buying our great produce you also do great things - perfect. Currently you can buy School Garden produce from all the local Food Assemblies, Lytchett Minster, Bournemouth and Southbourne to find your nearest one.

I love coming here. I love the place and everyone is just so easy to be around. I can do some work if I want to, even just a bit of digging and weeding, or I can just spend a bit of time away from all the noise of my life and recharge. It's great, it matters and it's the best place round here.

John, garden volunteer