Core projects
Year 2: Food Poverty

Alongside all our other work we also deliver an annual campaign. This is a particular focus for us each year and involves a challenge in our city region which we feel deserves our particular attention. Each year our campaign will seek to raise awareness of the issue, challenge businesses, organisations and individuals to take action, and work together as a city region to make a stand against injustices in the current food system. 

Year 2: Food Poverty

Our current campaign is focused on Food Poverty – Beyond the Food Bank.This is a significant and yet sometimes unseen challenge in our towns with an estimated 10,000 children across Bournemouth and Poole suffering from food poverty.Over the next 18 months we will work together to do everything we can to fight food poverty and look beyond emergency food aid provision.

We have committed to:

Promote Healthy Start Vouchers and encourage more families with young children to use these vouchers to access free fruit, veg, milk, formula and vitamins.We will also work with more independent and ethnic supermarkets to register to accept these vouchers.

Work to provide free meals 365 days a year for children living in poverty so that they are not hungry during the school holidays.When your child is eligible for free school meals it can be a real extra burden to provide those meals at home during the school holiday periods. Establishing holiday clubs which can provide activities and a hot meal for children ensures they are well fed all year round.We will also work with Food Banks to encourage increased donations before the main school holidays to help them cope with the increase in families requiring emergency food aid.

Raise awareness of the benefits of community food growing and work with individuals, groups and communities who would like to set up new growing provision or get involved in existing community gardens.

Find ways to ensure the older people in our communities have access to nutritious, hot meals and feel less isolated by working with lunch clubs, exploring complimentary hot meal provision such as a Casserole Club and broaden the use of lunch clubs to families in need.

It's so easy for people to think there isn't a problem in Bournemouth and Poole but there is. A problem we can only help solve by recognising food poverty exists in our communities and working together to find the right solutions. Everyone can do something to make a difference. No-one in our towns should be hungry.

Dom Wallace - Sustainable Food City Chairman

For our work to be successful we need you. You can make a difference to people's lives, people in your community. Help us raise awareness of the problems, help us cook nutritious hot meals for those in need, help us get people growing by suggesting space or planting food, there are a million things you can do to help those people around you who need our support.