Real Local Flavour

Real Local Flavour came into existance as part of our Partnersip theme to "Support Local Businesses, Food Tourism and Fairtrade". This website brings together interested businesses or members of the public can find new suppliers nearby, allowing access to fresh, local and inherently more sustainable produce!

We really want to advertise the amazing food for which Dorset is known, and encourage more local businesses to cook it, serve it and sell it! We want to make it easy to source your food locally, and easy for producers to find new businesses nearby who would be as excited about their delicious produce as we are! With this in mind, we created!

What is the background of Real Local Flavour and where are you now?

The vast number of economic, environmental and social benefits to be gained from a flourishing local food sector show that developing the networks and communications needed for businesses to find one another and work together is the foundation of a brighter local food future!

Real Local Flavour is now fully online (Hooray!) and has expanded to include a constantly growing database of over 70 businesses from around Dorset who make efforts to use and produce local and sustainable food wherever possible.

“The appetite for this initiative should be huge! The business case is compelling and its potential benefits go way beyond encouraging economic growth in our local tourism and hospitality sector.”

Bournemouth Council

"With so much excellent food on our doorstep this is a great opportunity for our hospitality industry to take the lead in promoting some of our fantastic produce to visitors. A reputation for superb local food and produce can be one of the reasons visitors actively choose a destination and a fabulous food experience will make them return and pass on the news when they find it!"

Bournemouth and Poole Tourism

What are your plans for Real Local Flavour?

  • We aim to make it easy to find local food and those selling it.
  • We work to continually enhance our local businesses, not only growing the demand for sustainable food but also supporting our local economy.

How are your going to achieve these plans?

We will quickly and readily add any new businesses we come across to the website. We also want our members to feel real, tangible benefits from being involved, and therefore provide advertisement and preferential involvement in publicity events to raise their profile.

How are you going to measure your success?

Real Local Flavour boasts a wide variety of members ranging from Restaurants to Farm Shops, Jam Makers to Butchers and Farmers of everything from vegetables to fish! Every one of these businesses is Dorset-based, and make efforts to not only source their ingredients locally, but also to act sustainably in their day-to-day activities. By constantly expanding this database, we can make Real Local Flavour an increasingly relevant point of call for anyone, public or business, to source locally.

What resources do you have?

The website is managed primarily by Sarah of Sustainable Food City Bournemouth and Poole, with support from volunteers.

Who is involved in Real Local Flavour? Who has led theproject and which other partners are involved?

Real Local Flavour developed from a not-for-profit partnership of businesses, groups, organisations and individuals from across Dorset, Wiltshire and the New Forest. The Real local Flavour initiative grew from the Dorset Urban Food Project and is supported by Bournemouth council, Bournemouth Tourism and Poole Tourism and delivered by Rural Works.

Who has benefited from the website and how?

Local businesses can now more easily source producers in their region, enhancing the availability of not only fresh, local produce but also the artisan specialist products that define Dorset as a hub of good food!

What are the main elements that have influenced the success of this project and what have your main challenges been?

The most significant challenge to the success of this project has been the difficulty of finding businesses who make a real, genuine comittment to being local and sustainable. Often, many businesses mention local sourcing only briefly, and don't describe what they are doing or the extent of their sustainability.

Conversely, many businesses really appreciate sustainability as being a core aspect of their business model, and love to tell you all about what they've been doing! This makes it really easy to identify those businesses that deserve a special mention for their sustainability efforts!

Has there been any added value from working with the Sustainable Food City Partnership for Bournemouth and Poole?

Sustainable Food City helped this website expand and grow to what it is today, and has provided constant support to really make every step possible!