Good Food Fringe

The Good Food Fringe ties into the annual Bournemouth food Festival to really highlight all those places providing amazing events, meals and activities using local and sustainable food!

What is the background of the Good Food Fringe and where are you now?

Our first ever Good Food Fringe began on 19th June 2015, tying into the Bournemouth Food Festival. This will be an annual event, with the aim to recognise all the restaurants and producers across the city doing amazing things using sustainable food! Good Food Fringe ran events such as a food takeover of Shelley theatre in Boscombe. We also ran two of our Restaurant Hops to introduce foodie fans to some of our favourite restaurants.

What are the plans for your project?

Good Food Fringe will be an annual event alongside the Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival, and each year we aim to expand our collection of businesses and organisations participating. We will use all our social media to advertise all the sustainable meals available around the region, as well as food events we think are especially impressive!

How are you going to achieve those plans?

Good Food Fringe is managed by the Sustainable Food City Partnership Bournemouth and Poole, and becomes our absolute focus during festival time! We work to contact food businesses around the region and get as many people involved as possible. Since many businesses already use sustainable food and do their own festival events, its often simply a matter of making these businesses aware of the Good Food Fringe and signing them up!

How are you going to measure your successes?

To measure our success, we keep track of not only how many businesses are involved but also how many people attend our events

What resources do you have? What materials, money and peoples time (both paid and voluntary) are you using?

The Fringe is managed by existing Partnership Staff and volunteers, and Funded by the Partnership.

Who is involved in your project? Who has led your project and which other partners are involved?

The Good Food Fringe is entirely managed by the Sustainable Food City Partnership, but interacts with the Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival.

Who has benefited from your project and how?

This event brought into the public eye just a few of the many great businesses around Bournemouth who are making really great and sustainable food. These businesses received free promotion for their involvement across all our social media and increased their public profile.

What are the main elements that have influenced the success of your project and what have your main challenges been?

Unfortunate issues with staff leaving unexpectedly starkly reduced the staff hours available to devote to the Good Food Fringe, but we were still able to sign up over 20 businesses even with such limited time! Therefore the Fringe is still considered a success and we aim to sign up more businesses every year!

How would you rate the progress of your project?

All things considered, we feel the Good Food Fringe made Good Progress this year, and we hope to make even better progress next year.